Company History

Seeing a need for a small professional building company in Southern Arizona, Bill Henry, owner and Principal of Henry Design Build, decided to transition from a completely successful custom home building company into an integrated design and build company filling the niche for custom homes, small commercial projects, and major remodels. Although the name and company are new, the experience behind it is not. Bill Henry’s previous experience was evident in building the local area’s more detailed custom homes. While running that company Bill made sure that 100% of the projects were completed to the satisfaction of the clientele. One of the main reasons Bill was determined to become a Design Build firm was to be as involved as early as possible in the design process so that Henry Design Build could successfully start a project and finish it with the client’s desired goals regarding budget, quality, and value. The staff at Henry Design Build has, all too often, seen why certain projects never get started while others are successful. We are offering our expertise to help ensure our clients’ projects are successful and come to fruition. Let’s make your project a success!