Building sustainably is our true passion.  The staff at Henry Design Build is constantly staying up to date with  new developments in the green construction and building science industries in order to provide our clients with a custom home that is more durable, healthier to live in, and more energy efficient than the standard built custom home.  There are a lot of misconceptions about building a green home.   Some misconceptions being that they are more expensive or that “this green building stuff is just a fad”.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact this year our least expensive build was a basic green certified house.   The difference was in the way the house was sited, constructed, and which components were installed within the structure to make it a healthier and more energy efficient place in which to live.   Furthermore, according to Energy Star, a house that is Energy Star certified is on average $200-$400 less expensive to operate every year, saving the homeowner thousands as the years go by.  As far as it being a fad, it definitely is not.  Most of what is considered “green building” is just now starting to find its way into newly revised codes.  In fact, some cities like Scottsdale, AZ are now making it mandatory for all commercial buildings and remodels to meet rigid green guidelines.  Green building can be seen as a stepping stone to what we will see as standard in the near future.  By building a “green certified” building now, you are ensuring the building will meet some of newly introduced codes in the years to come which means that your house will not be out of date by the time you move into it.   Henry Design Build has experience with 3 different green guidelines now and can help you through the process.  The bottom line is, if you want a house that can be healthier to live in, more energy efficient, and that will last longer you want a green certified home, and remember if it’s not green certified it’s not green!